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If you are interested in booking a workshop, then please do get in touch via the contact form or you can book via Eventbrite here

25th April - Make-a-Mug, Atherington Pavillion

Past workshops:

Envelope Planters @ Torrington Rugby Club

Gonk or Santa @ Atherington Pavillion

Pumpkin Lantern @ Torrington Rugby Club

Autumn Platter @ Atherington Pavillion

All day workshop - Coloured decorated slabs to make a storage jar/ vase @Atherington Pavillion

Garden envelope wall planter @Atherington Pavillion

Make-A-Mug @ Atherington Pavillion

Make-A-Mug @ Fork n Feast Cafe, Torrington

Bird Feeder @ Atherington Pavillion

Tea light Lantern @ Fork n' Feast

Christmas treat bowl @ Atherington Pavillion

Pumpkin Lantern @ Atherington Pavillion

Decorated Vase @ Atherington Pavillion

Charity Night, Boob planters  @ Torrington Community Hall

Decorative Jug @ Fork n' Feast

Slip decorated platter and dip bowls @ Fork n' Feast

Envelope Wall Planters @ Fork N' Feast

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